Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rich and Regal 1

Hidden Springs is the town of the rich and famous. Everything is pristine and propper and peaceful. It's 1912, and with a new rich and famous couple moving in- things are about to change.
Meet Beatrice Carmody. Her father was a famous surgeon, so she was raised believing fame and fortune is the way to a fabulous life. She turned out to be a dramatic snob who gets very upset when she doesn't get her way. However, she is particularly good at flattery, so she makes friends easily.
 Now meet Charles Carmody, the husband of Beatrice. He is every woman's dream. He is charasmatic, flirty, and quite the schmoozer, making for the ultimate charming young lad. His father was the CEO of a big business and it appears Charles is following very closely in his father's footsetps. He is ambitious and very dedicated to his work. It's only a matter of time before he takes over.
The first day of moving in, and Beatrice decides to go out and meet people.
"Hello there miss," Beatrice said to a woman by the grocery store.
"Who are you?" The woman replied.
"I'm Beatrice Carmody. My husband and I just moved in. We are very wealthy- you should see our house," Beatrice said in a superior tone.
"I like your additude." They were obviously both snobs. "My name is Genevieve Colby. My husband is a CEO here."
"Oh really?" Beatrice knew there would be competition between them and their husbands. Afterall, Charles' dream is to be a CEO.
Meanwhile, Charles highered a buttress named Julie Iverson.
"It's nice to meet you, Julie. Your resume was fantastic. Now, I expect that you will do all of the cooking and cleaning around here. You can only have fun or sleep after you've completed all the chores. We left you a very nice room on the 3rd floor and we're offering a generous salary. You best be doing a respectable job."
"Yes sir. I expect you will treat me with kindness though, or I'll leave."
"Oh don't worry, I will." Charles winked before he walked away.
That evening, when Beatrice came home after becoming friends with Genevieve, Charles proposed they go out for dinner. It was a chance to check out the night life in Hidden Springs.
While there, the Carmody's spotted Catarine Vanderburg and her husband. Of course, they got autographs. They couldn't believe how many famous people were around at night. As Beatrice ate her cheese plate, she thought about how great it would be to be one of them, getting photographs taken and discounts at every store. Her lust for fame continued. That night, Beatrice vowed to herself that soon, everyone would know who the Carmody's were. They would be the biggest thing this town has ever seen.