Saturday, December 3, 2011

After a month of living in Hidden Springs, the Carmodys were already a huge hit. They had become 3 star celebrities by now, and had a handful of friends. Not to mention, Charles was already half way up the corporate ladder to being a CEO. Things were good! They even decided to host their first formal party one night.
After the guests left, Charles and Beatrice decided to have a romantic evening under the stars.
"Charles," Beatrice said thoughtfully, "don't you think it's time we try to start our family?"
"You want to have children already?"
"Already? We've been married for a year... we've had our fun and games. We're successful now. And I think we're ready."
Charles smiled. "You're right. I would love to see a cute little offspring running around. But not tonight, I'm far to tired from that party."
"Whew," Beatrice yawned, "me too. Let's s hit the hay and try another day."
The next day, Beatrice went out to visit her friend Liam. Charles was left with the butress. Wanting to improve his relationship with her, he playfully pillowfighted for awhile.
He was becoming good friends with Julie. Of course that's all they were, so he didn't think much of it when he asked her for a back massage. After all, he had a long day. Why not?
"You know Julie, I've been thinking lately that you've been a great friend to me. So.. I got you these." Charles pulled out a bouquet of yellow roses. She was in utter shock.
"I- I don't know what to say! Wow, they're beatiful."
Although Charles got yellow to be friendly, Julie took it another way. She started getting flirty with him.
"I didn't get those to swoon you." Charles said defensively. "I'm not interested in cheating on my wife."

Meanwhile, Beatrice was having a nice night with Liam O'Dourke. She discovered that he's single, and living in an average home. Although she didn't typically like to be asociated with fame leechers with nothing impressive going for them, she really admired Liam.
 She also discovered he's a hopeless romantic after watching some silly romance movies with him. Beatrice was unamused by the tv, but found Liam's enjoyment of it quite funny.

That night when Beatrice returned, she found Charles waiting.
"Hello hunny, I'm home!"
Charles immediately took her hands. "Are you ready?"
"To have a baby? Oh yes Charles, I've been waiting forever to be a mother!"
"I love you, Beatrice."
They embraced, finally ready to have a baby.
Sure enough, Beatrice vomited unexpectedly into the neighbor's toilet as she visited them the next day. She was hopeful that this was a sign.
It wasn't until later that night that she knew without a doubt, that she was pregnant.
She told Charles in the morning, who was excited to hear the news. They both were eager to read pregnancy books and prepare for the little bundle of joy.
Right away, he felt her tummy for signs of life. It was only a matter of time before the baby would be here!

Over the next several months, Beatrice proudly shared her pregnancy with others. She was glowing with joy as she prepared for being a mother.
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